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About Derogation 2023

Derogation farmers must record through PastureBase Ireland the grass produced annually on their farm in 2024. A minimum of 20 measurements must be completed each year. If a derogation farmer hasn’t completed a minimum of 20 measurements in 2023, they must complete a grassland measurement training course and complete 3 measurements by the end of November 2024.

Summary Derogation Measures 2022


Q: How will it be verified?

Measurements will be verified based on the dates of record entry. It is the responsibility of the derogation farmer to complete grass measuremnt and recording of grass data.

Q: How many measurements are required?

A minimum of 20 grass measurements per annum (plate meter or cut & weigh) on the main grazing platform only.

The following measurements are required per month over the season as follows:

  • Feb (1)
  • Mar (2)
  • Apr – Sep (14)
  • Oct (2)
  • Nov (1)

Q: Is eyeballing Grass measurement adequate?


Q: What will be the verification requiremnts for farmers that attend a grassland traing course?

A proof of attendance at courses will be required.

Farmers have until the end of 2024 to complete Grassland training.

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