Have you recently become a fully-fledged farmer, and need help on how to maximise your production of grass? Are you looking for a business that has experience in conducting soil sampling? If either of these scenarios is applicable to you, it could be that you could benefit from using the services of Cork Grassland Services. As a business, you will be hard-pressed to find a competing company that will go to the lengths that we do to provide a quality service. Understandably, before hiring us you may have some questions – if this is the case, you are invited to visit the contact page on our website.

The Benefits of Soil Sampling

If you are someone that is new to the farming industry, the likelihood is that you do not fully understand the importance associated with conducting regular soil sampling. If you have just purchased a new plot of land, it is vital that you learn about the quality of the soil; not only this, but you can check the various impurities that are present. For example, it is vital that your crops have access to the necessary amounts of phosphorus and nitrate. If these are not occurring naturally in the soil, you can use supplementary fertiliser – however, the soil sample is crucial in finding out this information. For a company that can take care of all your soil sampling needs, why not reach out to us here at Cork Grassland Services.

How Can Cork Grassland Services Help?

You will be pleased to hear that should you take the step of bringing in Cork Grassland Services to be of assistance, you will have access to a quality soil sampling service. The technicians that we have within our ranks are extremely knowledgeable in this field, and therefore are able to conduct insightful research on your behalf. When we get on-site, we will conduct a thorough walk of your premises, taking multiple samples from each-and-every paddock. Once these have been sent off for analysis, you can expect to receive results in no more than two weeks. If you are new to our services, it is important to know that we have a variety of different pricing structures available. To take a closer look at these, as well as expand your knowledge of what this service entails, we invite you to visit the soil sampling page on our website. 

Not What You’re Looking For?

Here at Cork Grassland Services, we look to cater to the requirements of a wide audience; for this to occur, it was important that we expanded as a business, namely by offering a more extensive catalogue of services. We understand that, for some people, soil sampling is the only service which they are interested in – this is not, however, true of everyone. To us, it does not matter if you are searching for a business which is knowledgeable of how to conduct grass measuring, or are in need of assistance in producing a farm map. Our mission has always been to fulfil the needs of our clients. More information on services mentioned above, for those that are interested, can be found by clicking on the respective links.